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Half ten!? I've never been up at half ten!

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[5.27.06 - 4.34pm]

Around the world in a couple of mouthfuls.

30ml Gin
30ml Creme de Menthe
90ml Pineapple Juice

Mixing Instructions:
Shaker with ice. Strain into wine Goblet

A chunk of pineapple.

Fresh pineapple with overtones of mint.
Initial Taste:
The alcoholic taste packs a bit of a punch, but it's cleaned up by the sweetness in the pineapple juice. You can't really taste the gin in the drink at all.
After Taste:
Who needs toothpaste? The peppermint in the Creme de Menthe really comes out at the end of the drink. It's almost like fruity mouthwash. Personally, I quite like the taste (but then I ADORE extra strength mints) My mother abhorrer's it, however (could be because she got ripped off her tits on Creme de Menthe years ago and can't stand it now) and dad's quite happy because he doesn't really like gin, but I managed to reduce the taste of it.

Best Drunk:
Possibly best on a hot day or after a big night out if you need to wake up/freshen up. Although, even after a few sips, I'm feeling the power of the alcohol in the drink and I'm not particularly cadbury.

Jess: 4 | June: 1 | Ian: 3.5
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I didn't invent it... [5.18.06 - 12.49am]

...and I haven't tried it, but to understand why I posted it here, you have to *see* it.

kinda big, but worksafe..Collapse )
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[5.17.06 - 8.29pm]

This is one of my own recipes, so I hope you enjoy it. :)  It's an awesome summer drink too!


45ml Absolut Kurrant Vodka*
30ml Triple Sec
30ml Schweppes Blackcurrant cordial
5 or 6 blackcurrants (optional)
4 Lemon ice cubes**
half a tray of ice cubes (roughly 7)

Mixing Instructions:
Throw all ingredients into a blender; blend well. Makes one large goblet of blissful blackcurrant slush.

Purple grapes and cocktail umbrellas! Awesome.

* I use Absolut's blackcurrant infused vodka for the extra blackcurrant taste, but you can use plain vodka if you don't have any Absolut Kurrant, as there is already blackcurrant cordial in this recipe.
** 4 lemon ice cubes is roughly 60mls lemon juice. You can make lemon ice cubes exactly the same way as normal ice cubes and then store them in a tupperware container in your freezer. Easy!

Not a very strong fragrance whilst frozen, but as the slushy ice melts the sweetness and fruity aroma is unleashed.
Initial Taste:
Many of the flavours are hidden beneath the cold ice but a definite blackcurrant and orange flavour comes out as the drink melts. 
After Taste:
The sweet blackcurrant follows through to the end as a sharp lemon tang finishes the drink.

Best Drunk:
This is a perfect summer-time drink and goes down really well at parties.

Jess: 5 | June: 5 | Ian: 4
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Midori Splice [5.16.06 - 7.47pm]

A quick and easy favourite because I have a really painful headache and I couldn't stand shaking a shaker for that long. Sorry I couldn't start this comm off a more exciting note.


30ml Midori
30ml Cointreau
15ml Malibu
90ml Pineapple juice
60ml Cream
Crushed ice

Mixing Instructions:

Combine ice, Midori, Cointreau, Malibu, pineapple juice, and cream in a blender; blend well. Pour into large goblet. Serve with a straw.

Pineapple wedge, melon ball and glacé cherry.

Family Circle Fantastic Cocktails & Mixed Drinks, Ed: Amanda Bishop. Prestige Litho, Queensland, 1995

Coconut with undertones of pineapple and sweet melon.
Initial Taste:
Creamy texture. Coconut compliments splashes of pine and a mild hint of honey.
After Taste:
Pine and cream flavours pleasantly linger and mingle in the back of the throat. No harsh after burn at all.

Best drunk:
Any time. It's a chilled fruity drink by nature, but the cream adds extra body to the drink and makes it possible to enjoy after dinner. This drink is perfect for those who find the tang of certain liqueurs and spirits too much for a first drink, or just want a subtle drink before dinner.

Jess: 4.5 | June: 4.5 | Ian: 5
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